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A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Perfume Bottles

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Is starting your perfume line a goal you want to achieve? Well, we’re here to tell you it is achievable. The only catch is that you have to invest time and money to get quality information on the products that will serve you best. Starting a perfume line requires you to get quality perfumes and perfume bottles that will last. 

Knowledge of where to buy perfume bottles and other essentials will come in handy. This is a good investment seeing that every lady’s and gent’s drawer or dresser always has perfume. This is because they are a big influence on having a fresh and clean scent. Continue reading to get a clearer picture of what it all entails;

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Table of Contents

How Perfume Bottles are Made

Learning more about how perfume bottles are made is a great step. The best perfume bottles are made of glass for quality and a clean look. Here is a sneak peek of what manufacturing entails.

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Perfume Bottle Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process involves a few steps that gradually result in an amazing product. These steps include; 

Preparation of Materials

The primary raw materials used by most manufacturers include sand, soda ash, limestone, and cullet. Sand is what gives strength to glass once made. It also produces silica that acts as a refractory material. It resists decomposition by heat and retains strength and form at high temperatures. Soda ash acts as a fluxing agent to lower the melting point of the silica. While cullet is what is used to make the recycling of glass possible.
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Batching Process

Batching involves mixing all the raw materials in a hopper then unloading them into the furnace continuously. The materials are unloaded in batches to make sure the composition mixed is the same for all products. This process is done using a belt conveyor that contains magnets used to remove iron and avoid contamination.

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Melting Process

The batches fed into the furnace are burned at high temperatures ranging from 1400 degrees Celsius to 1600 degrees Celsius. This allows for the raw materials to be melted into a viscous mass. 


Forming Process

This process involves two different methods of achieving an end product. You could either use Blow and Blow(BB) or Press and Blow(PB). In the BB process, the bottles are created by blowing compressed air or other gasses. While PB involves pressing the glass gob using a physical plunger to form the parison and blank mold. The blank mold is then blown to achieve the final container shape.


Annealing Process

When the container is formed it is then cooled to a temperature where the atoms can move freely without disrupting the glassware’s dimensions. This is to ensure the consistency of the material and prevent spontaneous breakage.


Choose the Right Perfume Types

Perfume comes in different types, flavors, and scents. This is because people vary in tastes and you have to keep that in mind when starting your perfume line. Here are a few types for you to choose from.

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Parfum also referred to as Extrait de perfume is a fragrance that contains the highest concentration of perfume oil compared to its peers. It contains 15 to 40 percent of perfume oil and includes other ingredients like jasmine absolute, tuberose enfleurage, and orris butter. This allows it to last for up to 24 hours. The best way to take advantage of the diffusion of this perfume is to apply it directly to your pulse points. This is mainly because it has very low alcohol content and would not fare well on clothes.

To apply this you have the option of either dabbing it on your skin using the stopper or just spraying it on. The benefit of this is that the low alcohol content makes it the perfect option for people with sensitive skin. 


Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum(EDP) is a fragrance with a concentration of perfume oil ranging from 15 percent to 20 percent. It has a very pronounced sillage (power of diffusion) which makes it perfect to use on your clothes and skin. It can last you anywhere from four to five hours. It is made up of a significant amount of alcohol, essential oil or perfume oil, and a percentage of distilled water. Apply this perfume on your pulse points, behind your ear, and on your neck. These are the warm parts of your body that will exude the beautiful scent.


Eau de Toilette

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This perfume is commonly referred to as EDT or “aromatic waters” and contains a concentration of 5 to 15 percent of perfume oils. It is a lightly scented perfume that contains very high alcohol content and essential oils. This perfume only lasts for three to four hours a day. The scent slowly fades but can be reapplied during the day. This is an affordable alternative with a great scent and attractive packaging

Eau de Cologne

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EDC contains a fragrance concentration of 2 to 4 percent and has a high concentration of alcohol and distilled water. Due to the low concentration of perfume oil, this cologne only lasts for two hours. This cologne usually comes in big perfume bottles which means you’ll need to invest in a small refiller bottle. This will help make it easier to carry with you and reapply during the day.

Eau Fraiche

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Eau Fraiche contains levels of perfume oil that are lower than any other type of perfume. These levels range from 1 to 3 percent this means that the scent will not last long. It only takes less than 2 hours for it to fade away. This fragrance mostly comes as mists and splashes. It includes a very high amount of water and low alcohol content. This makes it perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Pick the Right Perfume Bottle Size

Picking the right perfume bottle requires you to consider a few key things one of them being the size. There are different sized bottles which means you need to have an idea of what you’re after. Do you plan to use the fragrance as your signature scent or is it for a few occasions? The size you choose determines your overall cost and duration of the fragrance you get.

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When it comes to the size of your perfume bottle, you need to differentiate between the different measuring units involved. These measurements are done by ounces, milliliters, and sprays. These different variables introduce a dilemma when one goes to purchase their fragrances. This is why you need to familiarize yourself with one of the measurements and it’s equivalent to the rest. 

The Most Common Types of Perfume Bottle

Since there are different types of perfume bottles, it is important to identify the most commonly used and why they are preferred. The most used perfume bottles include;




Number of days it will last

























































As you can see from the demonstration on the chart, knowing your sizes is quite easy. To convert from milliliters to fluid OZ, you just simply multiply the figures by 0.034. While the number of sprays you get in a particular size bottle will be determined by multiplying the figure in ML by 10.

When it comes to the prices of the different perfume bottles, this will vary from one brand to another. It all depends on the ingredients used, the quality of both the bottle and perfume. However, it is important to note that the bigger the bottle the less money you spend. If you calculate the money you spend per spray, the bigger bottle becomes cheaper. 

Perfume U.S. FL. OZ. Versus Perfume U.K. FL. OZ.

FL.OZ stands for fluid ounces, a measure used in perfume bottles to better inform people on the size of the fragrance they want. There are two types of fluid ounces used to label perfume bottles. These are the US. FL. OZ and the UK. FL. OZ which differs from each other slightly. The difference lies in the conversion from fluid ounces to milliliters. The American fluid ounce will produce a higher number in Milliliters when converted as compared to the United Kingdom FL. OZ.

Perfume bottle size

Different Bottle Perfume Sizes for Different Uses

Perfume bottle sizes vary because they are used for different purposes. Having this in mind, you can invest wisely and give the best to your clientele. This bottle uses include;

Sample Perfume Bottles

Sample perfume bottles are mainly used by fragrance stores. They are offered to customers with an interest in buying a certain scent but they want to try it out first. They come with only a few scents to make sure if the customer likes it they can go back and purchase a bigger bottle. Having this in your store will help you gain new customers with ease. 

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Travel Size Perfume Bottle

Travel size perfume bottles are small and compact which makes them easier to move around with. They are the best when traveling as the name suggests. All that is needed is a refill of your favorite perfume into the bottle. However, they are not big bottles and they may end fast. 

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Small Perfume Bottles

Small perfume bottles are used for packing a small amount of perfume. They are preferred by people who only need the scent for specific occasions that don’t happen often. This is because they won’t be using much of it and won’t end in a rush. 

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Pocket Perfume Bottles

Pocket perfume bottles are the best bottles for when you need a little spritz throughout the day. They are tiny which makes them perfect for when someone wants to get out with a small bag. You can easily carry it to work or a lunch date. This is perfect for those people using perfumes with a low concentration of perfume oil. Fragrances like; Eau de Toilette, Eau de Fraiche, and Eau de Cologne.

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Find Your Ideal Perfume Bottle Closures

When looking for perfume bottles, closures are something everyone ought to consider. This is because you want your customers to have the perfect experience with your products. These closures help keep the perfume from any contamination and help with dispensing easier. Here are a few bottle closures for you to consider;

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Roll-on Perfume Bottles

Roll-on perfume bottles are usually tiny and come with a rollerball as the closure. The rollerball is what is used to apply the perfume on your skin or clothes.  This type of bottle comes in handy especially when you’re on the go and need to carry your favorite perfume with you. Instead of carrying the whole bottle, it is just refilled into this bottle and you’ll be sorted for a few days. The period highly depends on your usage. 

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Perfume Spray Bottle

Spray perfume bottles come in different sizes depending on the client’s needs. They feature an atomizer that helps dispense the perfume and keeps it from evaporating or being contaminated. To apply perfume using this kind of bottle, all you need to do is press on the nozzle and it will produce the mist onto your skin.

There are even new perfume spray bottles that come in 5ml sizes and have a very easy refill feature. Using this kind of bottle you’ll be in a position to gauge how long your spray will last you. If you use 4 sprays in a day, then a 5ml bottle will last you at least 12 days. 

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Solid Perfume Containers

These perfume containers are used especially for balms and other solid fragrances. They are compact and very easy to travel with. A small container of this fragrance can last you quite a long time this is because of the application process. You only need to rub your finger or a cotton swab on the fragrance and apply it directly to your skin.

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Choose the Right Perfume Bottle Finishes

Appearances matter a lot to your customers. The finishes and decor on your perfume bottle add a classy vibe to the product. It assures the customer that they are getting the best from the money spent. To get the best perfume bottle finishes, you need to understand the processes that are involved. Here are a few things to remember;

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UV Screen Printing (metallic color print)

UV screen printing involves transferring ink using a special fill blade that deposits color on to the object to be printed. Perfume bottles that feature UV screen printing are more pronounced in terms of appearance. The logos and labels are clear, brightly evident, and provide good coverage. If you decide to choose this method you can be assured that your bottles will stand out in your customer’s eyes. When you run out of perfume, you could place small lights in these bottles and use them to decorate your garden. Filled with small lights, places with these glass perfume bottles would be a special corner of your garden. You could also feel quiet atmosphere mentioned in those funny gardening quotes.

3D Screen Printing

3D screen printing involves a high tech machine to achieve flawless designs on your perfume bottles. It involves creating a design on a stencil that is used to allow the ink to transfer on the object only in the required areas. These perfume bottles usually have pronounced designs that are precise and look like they were carefully drawn on by hand. With such an option you can design your logo or label and have it printed on your perfume bottles. You can be sure that the same design will be transferred to the bottles.

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Hot Stamping

Hot stamping involves transferring a hot metal foil with your desired designs onto the perfume bottle. It provides a clear brightness of metallic prints. If you choose to use this method, you’ll be assured of a strong grip on your logos and decorations. Your perfume bottles will have a bright and clear logo that your customers can easily see and identify with.

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Matte color & Metallic Coating

To completely transform a perfume bottle, coting is the best way to go. It involves covering the whole bottle or a part of it with either metallic paint or matte paint. Using a metallic coating gives your perfume bottle a luxurious look. Metallic colors sparkle and shine which will result in attracting the attention of your customers. The matte color on your perfume bottle will give it a minimal and classy look. This will appeal to those customers who need pretty packaging that doesn’t stand out too much.
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This process involves coating your perfume bottle using metal. The metal coating serves as a decoration and protective layer for the bottle. This process provides an attractive mirror finish look on your perfume bottles. The best part is that you can use different colors for the coating process for diversity. If you add some small lights to these lovely bottles, you don’t need to worry they would attract any bugs (especially soil mites ) when you hang bottles outdoors.
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Thermochromic Ink

Thermochromic ink is also known as thermochromatic ink. It has a feature that allows it to change colors when temperatures increase or decrease. It can also turn clear when exposed to heat. Using this thermochromic ink on your perfume bottles will give you an edge with your customers. You’ll be able to leverage this feature to get more sales. 

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Customize Your Ideal Perfume Bottle Designs

When starting your perfume line, you need to understand that bringing a fresh new look into the market is important. Learn from your competitors and take lessons from what has worked for them and what hasn’t. You can then summon your inner creativity and come up with a way to customize a perfume bottle design and make it unique and eye-catching. Some of the perfume bottles to draw inspiration from include;

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Vintage Perfume Bottles

Vintage perfume bottles come in different sizes and designs depending on the manufacturer. Most of the bottles featured a silver hinged lid and had great finishes with ornate designs.  This perfume bottle would be a great choice since it is loved by a lot of people who fancy having things from the past as a reminder.

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Antique Perfume Bottles

Antique perfume bottles are from the 1800s to the 1900s and are very valuable. They are mainly used by collectors as pieces that have disappeared from the market. They also hold great sentimental value and attachment to the life they represent from the past. These bottles are made of glass and have a bulb or sprayer as their dispensing mechanism. If you use this, it would mean that your prices would soar simply for the significance of the bottle used. 

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Old Perfume Bottles

These bottles are not so different from the vintage perfume bottles. They are perfume bottles that were created from different materials and designed in different fascinating ways. Finding these bottles would require you to invest some time to get the best deals. Ensure you get products that you can easily reuse. Reusing is a major benefit of using these bottles because you get to contribute to conserving the environment.

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Art Deco Perfume Bottles

Art deco perfume bottles are used to express creativity and imagination. The designs featured in these perfume bottles are diverse and have been inspired by different things. These perfume bottles have a history that links back to the inspiration of the designer. This is why they are loved and would be a great inspiration for your perfume line. 

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Perfume Atomizer

These are small perfume bottles that you can easily carry with you to work. They help you transform liquid perfume into a fine mist when sprayed. They are used as refill bottles. This is where you take your main scent and drain some of it into this bottle. Doing this is now easier since they have an entry at the bottom where the cap can release the perfume into the bottle with ease.

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Other Things to Consider When Choosing a Perfect Perfume Bottle

Choosing the perfect perfume bottle also requires you to consider other aspects. These aspects include;


Quality is an important aspect that needs to be top-notch. This is because as a business, you need to strive to provide the best for your clients. If I pick a perfume from your outlet today and the sprayer spoils the next day, this will be off-putting. It will completely lead clients away from you. Make sure that the bottles you decide to use are of great quality and will pass the test of time. If you produce bottles with the help of factory robot arms, the welding robot cost might be a little high, but it guarantees consistent high quality. When you do this, you’ll be assured of returning customers with great reviews and referrals.
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How much you’ll spend on your bottle determines how much you’ll charge your clients. You need to make sure that you purchase bottles that are reasonably priced. This will help you avoid getting any unnecessary losses. Take your time to consult different suppliers and get quotes from them. Compare them and go with the best-priced perfume bottles for the quality you are after.

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Where to Buy Perfume Bottles in Bulk

Buying perfume bottles in bulk will give you the advantage of buying them at wholesale prices. This means that you’ll be able to save a lot more money compared to buying a few at a time. The best way to go about this is to research the best perfume bottle manufacturers then get a quote on your order. This will also help you find a company that you can build a lasting business relationship with.

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Starting a perfume line of your own requires you to be ready to get the necessary information on different areas that concern it. It is important to be dedicated to gathering this information to ensure that you provide the best product possible. It will take time to find quality perfume bottles so learn to practice some patience. Steady always wins the race. Once you are up and running do remember to always keep your quality consistent.

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