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Where to Buy Glass Bottles for Juicing

Juicing bottles come in varying shapes and sizes, and they are made by varying companies around the world. The demand for glass bottles for juicing is always rising every day as more people look for better options for making juices in their homes and businesses. However, for new people getting into the juicing business, getting the right glass bottles can be challenging since the options are so many, and it is almost impossible to tell which one is the best. We are going to look at some of the best glass bottle suppliers for your juicing business at lower prices without compromising on the quality of the containers. If you have been planning to get into the juicing world, then this is for you.


Roetell is one of the best glass bottle manufacturers that was formed 35 years ago to provide all kinds of container solutions for packaging companies in China. Over time, the company started growing bigger and better, and it wasn’t long before the demand for their products started rising, and the company had to scale up to meet that. With over eight production lines, 150 employees, and 400,000 pieces produced daily, the company makes all types of products, with glass making the bulk of that.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier, Roetell is the best place for anyone starting out in this industry as they can handle customized manufacturing better than any other company around. With their bulk discounts, you will have enough money left to hold the business down as things slowly pick up.


This is an online shop that specializes in the selling of all kinds of bottles, from plastics, metal, to glass bottles that are used in various industries or packaging food. One of their best-selling products is glass bottles for juice packaging that are created in varying sizes and shapes to suit different markets around the world. 

All their bottles are made to last, and they come with caps that are capable of sealing in the juice tight, keeping it safe from any form of contamination. On top of making and selling glass bottles, also handles branding for their customers. This is a convenient service that ensures you get your branding done ahead of time before you begin packing your juice (Learn: How To Start A Juice Brand) (Learn: How To Start A Juice Brand) (Learn: How To Start A Juice Brand). The prices are very fair, especially if you purchase the bottles in bulk.

Fusion Glassworks

Fusion Glassworks was founded in 2004 with the sole aim of offering cheap glass containers for the many food packaging companies that were sprouting up in large numbers in China. The company does dabble in all kinds of bottle packaging solutions, from plastics to metals, but it is the making of glass bottles where they excel in the most.

Their glass products are made using the latest technologies,which makes them safe for use and easy to maintain, ensuring that you keep sig the over and over again for your juicing business without having to get new supplies for a very long time. The company also handles customized orders and they can have your bottles branded ( Learn: How to Measure Glass Bottles for Your Brand Labeling ) with your logo in mass production, saving you a lot of money in the process.

Milly Glass Works Limited

Milly Glass Works Limited was founded in 1954 in Kenya and is one of the oldest makers of glass containers that are used in many food packaging industries in the region. The company has amassed a lot of experience over the years, and this has helped it to remain relevant even when new competitive players are entering the game. 

The glasses the company makes come in varying shapes and sizes with customized services for any company looking to have a unique packaging option. Most of their clients are drawn from the food and beverage industries, and this is due to the fact that the glasses are well designed and properly sealed, which keeps the contents safe from contamination.


AMPAK is located in Canada and has been operational for over 60 years. What started out as a small company aiming to produce simple glass containers for the surrounding populations, quickly grew into a behemoth that now serves several markets in North America and beyond. Some of their most prominent products include jars and juice bottles which are in high demand by some of the top juice manufacturers and packagers.

On top of all that, the company also handles customized orders, creating all kinds of glass bottles complete with branding. This has made the company attractive as that helps save money. If you are looking to buy the bottle directly from them in bulk, there are discounts available.

British Glass

Britglas is the leading store for all types of glass juice bottles and is frequented by a number of major juice makers and people. The company has been around for over 50 years and continues to grow and expand its influence, all thanks to the high quality glasses that it produces every day. Besides juicing glass bottles, the company also makes lab glasses, flat glasses, and other types of containers that are used for commercial and domestic purposes.

Just like most glassmakers and retailers, Britglass does handle customized requests that range from branding to creating uniquely shaped juicing bottles using a varying range of colors. Britglass products are safe for use and will last you ages.


ArdaghGroup is one of the largest conglomerates in the glass manufacturing world, with over 57 production facilities spread out across the world. With a workforce of 16,000 employees, the company is able to produce all kinds of glass products, with bottles for juicing being their most popular items. Among the many clients that conduct business with the company are some of the biggest names in the food and beverage industries.

Their products are 100% recyclable, another big advantage of getting your juice bottles from them. You get the chance to reuse the bottles as long as you clean them properly. If you’re looking for customized solutions like branded bottles (Custom vs. Standard Glass Bottles) that feature your logo or uniquely shaped ones, then this is the company you should be talking to.

Saver Glass

Saver Glass is a renowned producer of all types of glasses that are used for domestic and commercial purposes. As one of the leading glass juice bottle wholesale vendors, most of their products are geared towards the food and beverage industries. The processes behind the company’s manufacturing make use of technology to ensure that every single product that rolls off the assembly line meets all the safety standards set out for anything that’s used for storing food. The company has branches in Dubai, Mexico, and Belgium.


Getting the right glass bottle vendor for your juicing business is very important. When it comes to packaging, image is everything, and if you happen to choose a bottle that is not optimally designed, you stand the risk of losing out to your competition. 

There are very many other companies out there that produce all types of high-quality juicing bottles that are worth your time and attention. For more information on how the bottles are designed and where to get them at low prices, check out our website and have all your questions answered by a team of experts.

Reliable Glass Bottles, Jars, Containers Manufacturer | Roetell