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Where to Buy Glass Candle Jars

People love decorating and giving a fine aura to their premises. To do this, they are always in demand for beautifying products like candles. While there are many candle manufacturers on the market, oftentimes, the brand with the best packaging catches their attention.

This means that for your brand to stand out, you don’t just pay attention to production, you also give 100% attention to the packaging and branding. The best option to do this is to use glass candle jars. These jars keep candles burning for a long, and they even beautify the environment and contain a large amount of candle wax.

Here, we have listed a number of the most reliable companies where you can buy glass candle jars at reasonable prices for your business.


Founded in 1984, this Chinese company provides wholesalers, distributors, and brand owners with both ready-made and white label glass bottles that stand out on the market. The company supplies several industries in the world, including the food, beverage, and cosmetic industries with bespoke glass containers. And this is done thanks to their cutting-edge craftsmanship and plants established in Jiangsu, China.

Roetell is passionate about their business, which is why they continually work to push the limit of their know-how in producing innovative, quality, and eco-friendly products. Together with the 8 production lines, 3 million square ft production mall, and 150+ trained technicians in the company, modern technologies are used to handle the production, packaging, logistics, and distribution processes. This ensures the high quality of manufactured items.

Amongst the long list of products they manufacture are glass candle jars, glass juice bottles, glass swing bottles, glass milk bottles, glass yogurt bottles, glass whiskey bottles, glass oil bottles, glass cosmetic bottles, glass perfume bottles, glass lotion bottles, glass polish bottles, glass mist bottles, glass vases, glass mouthwash bottles, etc.

The services they offer include research & development, accessories supply, design, warehousing & logistics, bottle manufacturing, after-sales service, quality management, decoration, and labeling, and free samples.

If you’re looking for where to buy empty candle jars, Roetell is a perfect option as the company has the capability to manufacture glass candle jars that will blend with your brand. Also, because they use modern manufacturing methods, they reduce costs, speed up production, and help you gain a competitive edge in the market

With its headquarters in China, this company was established in 1998 to bring Chinese manufacturers together for easy finding by customers. The company consists of a pool of manufacturers that provides different products.

Glass candle jars of all varieties and for all purposes are readily available in Made-in-China. You can choose from a wide range of colors and sizes depending on the need of your business. They have a large customer base all over the world and a standardized means of shipping to all locations, so getting the glass candle jars at your factory won’t be a problem.

Made-in-China offers businesses that are looking for where to buy empty candle jars with many options of suppliers, offering reduced prices, as well as high-quality products. The information and data about the suppliers are also provided for strict decision making.

Container and Packaging

For over 50 years, this formerly family-owned business has provided established brands and start-ups with packaging solutions. In 2018, they transitioned to an employee-owned company with the same goal of providing value to businesses through packaging solutions.

This is a very reliable source to buy glass candle jars from as they specialize in manufacturing several types of candle containers. Also, in broadening their capability, they produce metal and plastic containers.

This company has a reputation for providing creative packaging products and services. They listen more than they talk, hence why their creativity is topnotch.

LOM Glassworks

With over two decades of experience, LOM glassworks has become a strong force in the glass bottle and jars industry. They supply different types of glass bottles that are used in many industries like the food & beverage, health & beauty, and home & hospitality industries.

In addition to bottle manufacturing, they offer other services like in-depth research, development, decorating, labeling, marketing, and free samples.

LOM glassworks has a standard facility with a world-class management system that allows for the supply of premium glass candle jars, decorative candle jars, frosted candle jars, unique candle jars, and colored candle jars.

After production, the manufactured items are put under strict inspection by a specialized team to ensure that there are no bubbles, cracks, or deformations.


Glassnow is a glass jars manufacturer that provides glass containers that are both eco-friendly and inexpensive. These containers are usable for different applications, including candle, food, home, fragrance, bath & body, and cosmetics products.

They have a wide selection of competitive priced glass candle jars in classic sizes and designs. Also, they offer custom-made candle jars to brand (How to Make Custom Candle Jars for Branding) owners who need unique containers to pour their candles. Their options of recycled candle containers include everything from 2.5 oz colored glass candle jars that are great for votives to the 26 oz Verona jar that’s great for larger scented candles.

This company is committed to manufacturing eco-friendly products by using recycled glass, not just because it protects the environment, but because it saves energy, which in turn, reduces production costs. In fact, the benefits of recycled glass are enormous.

Glassnow will help you discover the perfect candle jar for your business, whether a case or a pallet.


This post has highlighted the perfect manufacturers you can contact for the supply of glass candle jars for your brand.

If you’re looking for where to buy empty candle jars for your business, you should visit these suppliers. They are the best you can find. They provide high quality glass candle jars of all shapes and sizes at cost-friendly prices. And some of them, like Roetell, offer custom-made candle jars that will make your brand stand out on the market.

Reliable Glass Bottles, Jars, Containers Manufacturer | Roetell