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What Are Yankee Candles and Why Are They So Expensive

Author: Roe Li

One of the most well-known candle manufacturers is Yankee Candles, which is renowned for its enormous selection of smells. Since its 1969 founding in Massachusetts, Yankee Candles has grown to become the most recognizable scented candle brand worldwide. Nowadays, it’s uncommon to find a gift or home goods store without a well-known brand’s candles on the shelves. They produce candles in literally hundreds of aromas.

What Are Yankee Candles?

The most well-known candle on the market is probably one from Yankee Candle Company. These candles are simple to locate at any candle or specialty store. The glass jar packaging and wide range of aromas of Yankee Candles are well recognized.

In 1969, Mike Kittredge, a 17-year-old teenager, sat at his family’s dining table on a chilly December night in Massachusetts. Christmas was coming up, and he lacked the funds to purchase his mother a present. Fortunately, his desperation sparked creativity. He made a candle for his mother since he thought it would be a thoughtful and truly one-of-a-kind gift that she would really love.

He was aware of her tendency toward melancholy and that her memories and feelings were significant to her. So, using items he could easily find in the kitchen, including household wax, a red crayon, some thread for the wick, and a milk carton for the mold, he made a straightforward candle.

Before he could offer the candle to his mother, a neighbor saw it and was so amazed that she persuaded him to sell it to her. The kid spent his newly acquired “money” on enough supplies to create two fresh candles: one for his mother and one to sell. So began the process of creating a successful firm. Just over 50 years after making his first candle, Mike Kittredge sadly died in July 2019.

Yankee Candle Pricing

Since people often use candles to create a different flavors of life, the Yankee Candle company also plays on this with their promotion. Popular with the public, Yankee products have relatively high prices, which is largely due to the quality and brand premium. Throughout the year, the Yankee Candles will be on sale at specific periods. This is the time to buy the candles when they are on sale. You will be able to buy several of these candles at once and use them all year long if you have a temperature-controlled space to keep them. Because the candles have a lid, the aroma typically lasts for quite a while as well.

You may also look into buying the Yankee Candles in quantity. If you can buy a lot of candles at once, you may be able to obtain them for a fantastic price even if you don’t notice them on sale. When you purchase from the Yankee Candle Store, a discount of some form is nearly always available.

Why Are Yankee Candles So Expensive? 

Yankee Candles have ascended to the top of the candle pyramid during the last forty years. gaining the love of housewives all across the world. Most of candle lovers love the way they burn evenly. Because they are entirely natural, people like Yankee Candles.

They are acceptable for vegans, haven’t been tested on animals, and don’t include any substances from them. Instead, paraffin wax is used to create the candles. However, Yankee Candles stand out from the competition since they provide a scent for any occasion. There will always be one that fits the mood because new ones become available every year.

The Yankee Candle is a great option for many individuals since premium Yankee candle jars are designed to endure for a very long time and always have a good functioning wick. Even though the initial cost of designing and manufacturing these candle jars (Top 5 Candle Jar Manufacturers in China) is high, the quality is worthwhile for the brand building. As for the customers, the purchase will be worthwhile for the premium products.

Yankee candle jars not only fulfill their purpose but also add value to the decor of the place and enhance its aesthetic. 

Glass candle jars provide a touch of charm to a space, enhancing its visual appeal. Glass candle jars with excellent carvings are offered by Roetell glass candle jar suppliers. The bulk glass candle jars are available from Roetell. They feature a selection of glass candle jars with amazing textures and designs. They have colored and tinted glasses, clear and carved glasses, and a glass candle holder in the form of a lotus. The Roetell candlesticks are composed of heat-resistant, thick glass. Its thicker and smooth surfaces stop the glass from breaking.

  • A Wide Selection Of Products

Master candlemakers who have been creating candles by hand from the beginning still adhere to the exact same strict standards of dedication and skill while creating Yankee Candles. Natural aroma extracts and natural fiber wicks are two of the best elements used in the creation of each flavored Yankee Candle. 

The Yankee Candle Company appreciates the love of scent. Yankee Candle scents are created by master perfumers for maximum effectiveness. For each aroma to provide enduring fragrances that will make the house seem like home, it must have the realism, accuracy, and pleasantness of the genuine flower, meal, or fruit. To ensure the highest quality and strength, a highly skilled team of fragrance specialists thoroughly tests and screens every scent produced by Yankee Candle.

Yankee Candle advises using Illuma-Lids to avoid tunneling and to encourage a neat, even burn that utilizes every square inch of wax. The Illuma-Lid rests atop the big or medium jars and aids in maintaining flame stability to produce an even wax pool. The Illuma-unique Lid’s form aids in retaining the heat of the flame within the jar. The result is a jar that distributes scent beautifully while burning cleanly and evenly.

  • Scents

People buy candles for a variety of reasons. Even while some people use candles for lighting, this isn’t the main reason people buy candles right now. The majority are bought for their aroma. The smell that candles emit will be highly distinctive, and the demand for scented candles only appears to expand each. More scents are available in Yankee Candles than in those of any other candle brand. If you can think of it, there’s probably a candle from Yankee Candle for it.

You will have a choice if you reside in the highlands and desire something that makes you think of the seaside. There will be a Yankee Candle for you if you live by the shore and want to be reminded of what it’s like to take a walk in the woods.

Whatever smell you choose, there is probably a Yankee Candle that will match it. With this idea in mind, the Yankee Candle Company has found it much simpler to expand its brand. A candle manufacturer that only produces one or two smells will find it challenging to compete with Yankee. These candles keep gaining popularity due to their ability to burn slowly and the fact that you may choose the scent you want.

  • Natural Materials

The Yankee Candles are not only fragrant and long-lasting but also entirely natural. Naturally, products that are more expensive are healthier for the environment, 100 percent natural, and not tested on animals. Natural ingredients have become more expensive in part because of this.

You may anticipate that the price of the candles you buy will increase if Yankee Candle needs to spend extra to make a natural product. The Yankee Candle company’s complete lack of animal experimentation is yet another fantastic quality. The Yankee Candles might be on the list if you decide to buy vegan-friendly items solely. The fact that an all-natural product will cost more is surely not shocking. 

It’s not necessarily because a company is attempting to promote the superior functionality of its all-natural product. It is helpful to know if a candle is all-natural if you want to use it to smell the house. Scientists are discovering some adverse health impacts as more of these strongly perfumed goods are studied.

Fortunately, all Yankee Candle products are examined and tested before they are sold to customers. The results are examined and evaluated again once the screening and testing are finished. This is to ensure that the candle’s components don’t have any negative responses or hazardous toxins.

  • Yankee Candle Quality And Burn Time

The wax used to make Yankee Candles is paraffin. Yankee Candles’ wax and fragrance oils are temperature and light-sensitive. Yankee candles will fade or change color in extremely hot or cold temperatures respectively. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep the jar out of direct sunlight and in a cold, dry location. Yankee Candle advises against letting the candle burn for longer than four hours at a time. Before lighting the candle again, it should be extinguished, allowed to cool for two hours, and the wick should be trimmed by 3mm. This job is made simple and produces a lovely, clean cut that keeps the wick properly with a Yankee Candle wick trimmer.

  • Brand Reputation

The reason why Yankee Candles appear to be so pricey is that they are a well-known brand. Yankee invests a significant amount of money to promote their candles and gain widespread consumer recognition. They undoubtedly invest a sizable sum of money in advertising to ensure that the product is regarded as the greatest.

Moreover, for Yankee, the quality of the product is such that customers frequently find the price to be reasonable and quickly recognize the brand. The Yankee Candle Company has decided to go down the marketing path of offering a product that enhances the comfort level of the house.

Since this is not a necessary item for each house, it is crucial that they establish a reputation and appeal to those who share their ideas and ideals. The Yankee Candle is advertised as a product that will give the house the scent and atmosphere of a holiday, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, the Spring, or the Beach. The Yankee Candle business makes use of this fact in its marketing (How To Start Your Own Candle Business in 2022 (Steps and Tips)), as individuals frequently associate smells with specific memories. The Yankee Candles are significantly more expensive as a result of brand awareness and marketing efforts.

  • Seasonal Purchase

Despite being popular all year long, Yankee Candles are especially common from Thanksgiving through Christmas. When hosting guests or eating dinner with family, people frequently burn candles. You might find it simpler to rationalize the price of a Yankee Candle if you anticipate hosting a lot of guests throughout the Christmas season. A Yankee Candle purchase made in August can change somewhat from one made in December.

Since many things will always cost a little more over the holidays, this is not exclusive to candles. Because the season is brief, people typically save money all year to be able to indulge during this period.

The fact that Yankee Candles are frequently seen as a seasonal buy contributes to their inclination to be more pricey. Manufacturers are aware that they can only snag the money at a particular season of the year. To assist you in avoiding some of the increased prices that apply over the holidays, check for deals.


Compared to other candles on the market, Yankee Candles are created better. The Yankee Candle is a great option for many individuals since they are made to last a long time and always has a high-performing wick. If you want to start your homemade or private-label candle brands, you can find cost-effective candle jars and materials to cut down your costs.

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