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Why Are Glass Jars Better Than Plastic Jars for Spices?

Author: Roe Li

While the position of the spice storage in the kitchen is an essential part of good storage, the containers in which the spices are kept have a much more significant role in maintaining the quality of the spices. While other spices might arrive in a glass storage jar, some do so in a plastic container. Do you have questions about the differences between plastic and glass storage jars for spices? The advantages of using glass jars, the best container for spices to store spices, will be discussed in this blog. To learn more, continue reading.

6 Reasons Why Leading Companies Choose Glass Containers for Spices

Check here to know about the advantages of storing spices in glass jars, which explains why businesses prefer glass spice jars over plastic containers.

The primary reason to pick glass jars for storing spices is that they offer an air-tight seal and help retain the freshness of the spices. The best spice jars made of glass can preserve the aroma and taste of the spices for about 24 months. 

Coming to the plastic jars, do not offer an air-tight seal. It is because of plastic’s porosity which will let air get into the jar, making it difficult to preserve the freshness of the spices. 

  • Glass Jars Can Prevent Moisture

While storing spices, it is essential to ensure the container is air-tight and prevents any contact between the contents and moisture or air. Spices can react with the air’s moisture since they are hygroscopic. Moisture from the air can cause some spice powders to the cake. Spices can lose their flavor when exposed to air because volatile oils evaporate and are lost.

Mold grows when exposed to dampness, spoiling the spices and producing mycotoxins that can be genotoxic, cancerous, or cause food-borne illnesses. The spices are protected from the risks mentioned earlier by the metal-tight closures and gas barrier qualities of glass bottles for spice, extending the shelf life of the spices. Plastic jars do not provide full-proof air locking mechanism.

  • Glass Jars Are Safe Without Microplastic Toxins

Glass is a preferable material in the kitchen for both health reasons and safety. But regrettably, heating even BPA-free plastics can cause them to release hazardous chemicals. Plastic containers might be difficult to put in the dishwasher since they are prone to melting and warping. 

The best glass spice jars can safely store various types of spices without contaminating them. Glass is not porous; thus, when utilized, it does not absorb or emit harmful substances or small particles.

  • Glass Jars Can Protect From High Temperatures

In severe temperatures, plastic leeches. Plastic containers can become contaminated with tiny particles when heated or frozen. Every flavor, even a powerful spice, can be ruined by the subtle taste of plastic.

Glass containers for spices may be used securely at high temperatures without melting or warping because of their non-porous surface, which doesn’t absorb plastic. Most glass food storage containers are built to resist high heat without melting. 

The glass jars are prepared using a mixture of sustainably sourced and natural substances and a heating procedure is used to temper the glass, enhancing its strength and toughness. So, glass seasoning jars are relatively more durable with a longer life cycle. 

As for plastic jars, they are subjected to wear and tear after a short period. In addition, they are not durable and can be destroyed after rough usage. As a result, glass jars are the best spice containers because they can withstand constant usage and are relatively hard. 

  • Glass Jars Are Produced in a More Environmental-Friendly Way 

Compared to plastic jars, the production of glass jars generates five times less greenhouse gas emissions and utilizes only half of the fossil fuels than plastic. Glass jars are made from natural, eco-friendly materials that are available in large quantities. However, plastic jars are made from non-renewable materials that are depleting quickly. In addition, the production of plastic jars leaves toxic substances. 

Thus, the best glass spice jars are made in a more environmentally friendly way in comparison to plastic jars. Small glass containers for spices continue to be a reliable and long-lasting option for food storage, while plastic is more prone to melting or discoloration. 

Few Tips for Business Spice Storage

Businesses need to store spices in bulk, and they require containers that help them to store spices for the long term. Here’s what a business needs to consider when selecting glass jars for herbs and how to store spices long-term.

Things To Consider When Choosing the Best Container for Spices

Spices must always be stored in air-tight containers that can keep them fresh for a long time without any contamination. The following are the tips one can consider when choosing glass jars for herbs.

  • Glass jars’ capacity
  • Warehouse storage
  • Type of spices
  • Transportation

Tips for Businesses on How To Store Spices in the Long Term

Spice deterioration is primarily caused by air and air humidity. Customizable glass jars for spices are the best option for businesses to store spices without staling them. The following are the tips businesses can consider for long-term storage.

  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Keep spices away from heat.
  • Keep the storage temperature at around 70℉.
  • Keep the environment dry.
  • Keep an eye on how old the spices are.

Let Roetell Glass Spice Jars Keep Your Products Fresh

Roetell has been providing major and small companies with personalized glass packaging for more than 30 years as the market leader in producing glass bottles for the food and beverage sector. This has been possible because of the company’s substantial knowledge and experience.

For the best container to store spices, Roetell provides a large selection of transparent, food-grade glass spice jars in high quality. When storing spices, it’s crucial to consider the chemical inertness and unreactivity of these glass jars. These glass spice jars are entirely lead-free and non-toxic. The glass bottles for spice are available in various sizes and styles. 

The glass containers for spices are available with various air-tight covers, caps, and closures. The herbs keep fresher for a more extended period of time thanks to the air-tight lids and cap. Roetell glass jars are created from thick, high-quality glass. The air-tight, lead-free, and BPA-free jars are available.

Choose the color, size, materials, texture, and closure to create the package of your dreams. Glass bottle components can be fashioned to meet business needs, whether square and precise or circular and curved. To promote their company, businesses can rebrand the spice bottles. This is true regardless of whether they create a label to decorate the bottle or have one made specifically for it.


Glass jars are the best container for spices as they are durable, eco-friendly, withstand temperatures, retain spice freshness, etc. Businesses protect their brand when they use glass for packaging. Companies will continue to have good interactions with their clients. Also, individuals can recycle and reuse glass jars, helping to keep the environment clean. To fulfill corporate needs, Roetell offers a wide selection of glass containers. These bottles are made of glass that resists scratches and they follow the FDA and other industry requirements. Contact Roetell to buy glass spice jars in bulk.

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